The Secret of Planning – part 4.

Planning Step 4 – Session Planning

To initiate the session planning process the coach looks at the strategies, tactics and skills they have prioritized in the season planner.

All session`s should be following on from a previous session and be the preparation for the next session. Too often coaches put on a variety of sessions that have no “spine of development” linking one to the other because they have not developed a programme of work designed to produce a game style.

Session`s are often broken down in to 3 parts:

(a) The group introductory session to develop the skills needed to make the theme of the session work.

(b) The small area work that beds in the tactical ideas needed in the theme of the session.

(c) The full game situation where the coach re-emphasises to the players the skills and tactics practiced in (a) and (b) to successfully perform as individuals and as a team in realistic game situations.

Therefore, (c) is where the coach assesses whether the players have taken on board their ideas and if they need more work or are ready to move on. This assessment will form the basis on which the coach will prepare the next session.

As the players become more proficient the coach may deliver sessions in 2 parts using (a) or (b) as the introductory session and then going into the game stage.

When planning a session start from the end session and work backwards -so:

1) Decide what you want to achieve technically and tactically in the full game situation in the game part of the session.

(2) Then plan the small area work to produce the tactical ability in the team to produce the desired result in the game.

(3) In the group session the coach identifies and works on the skills needed to make the tactical basis of the game style succeed.

That concludes the 4 part series on the Secret of Planning.  For more information on this article or the author Roger Wilkinson contact

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